Use :
The stamping dies are used for stamping various data - prices, signs, sizes on shoe components,
and also for stamping data on various equipment and moulding forms.
Description of the equipment :
The equipment is usually made from materials of hardened steel or a brass.
Way of ordering :
When placing an order the following data must be mentioned:
  • a depth of the engraving in dependence on a material to be engraved, for softer materials a depth of engraving of 2 mm is used, for more rigid materials a depth of engraving of 1 mm is selected
  • in case a stamping die is ordered from a catalogue, it is necessary to specify its number and find out whether a block has been made; in remaining cases it is necessary to find out a dimension
    and a version of the inscription, and to ensure manufacturing of an unlegible block, enlarged
    in a 1:3 (1:2) proportion
  • when a composed stamping die is to be manufactured, a drawing documentation realization as well as a way of ordering must be discussed with a technologist
  • for hand-operated stamping dies a size of letters (numbers) and a number of stamping dies sets, eventually making boxes for the stamping dies must be specified in the order
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