We are glad to offer you carrying out a manufacture of all kinds of moulds for the below mentioned injection, moulding, extruding and vulcanizing machines.
The moulds are manufactured by a classic chip working on a CNC machinery, an electro-erosion machining, a modern casting process from an aluminium alloy on a model and hardening the casting.
Apart from it we also offer:
  • manufacturing of casting models for a shoemaking moulds production for casting
    from an aluminium alloy
  • manufacturing of models (dummies) for offering a footwear as samples
  • processing of modeller´s working papers for a shoemaking moulds manufacture, a 3D modelling with a subsequent programming for a NC machinery on the CAD/CAM system of 'SURFCAM'
  • making of sole and logo designs
  • making a modeller´s documentation (drawings, patterns) in the CAD system
  • a sizes grading in the CAD system
  • a 3D digitalization
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