Use :
After pressing in a rubber press workshop, lables and decorative signs are cut, separated and stuck on the required products as decorations and signs.
Description of the equipment :
The moulding forms are made from steel for moulding the signs by a punch. When
a manufacturing method of engraving is used, the form is usually made from hard aluminium. The signs are moulded in moulding form within a depth of 0,7 mm.
Way of ordering :
An order must consist of:
  • for manufacturing a punch a 3 times enlarged block with a legible inscription - with the contours upwards, is required
  • when an engraving method is used, the same block is required, however with the contours downwards
  • a manufacturing method of moulding or engraving will be chosen by a technologist
  • in conformity with the mentioned patterns - blocks, we can also make further similar moulding tools and devices
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